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Designed for modern offices and the future of work, Yeastar Workplace is a one-stop workplace scheduling solution for businesses to make better use of their meeting rooms and other workspace resources. A better meeting culture starts with scheduling. As the first and integral part introduced, the meeting room booking system is composed of a cloud-based platform, room displays, and smart sensors to help streamline space allocation and save in-person collaboration from unnecessary scheduling conflicts.

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Sick of the hustle and bustle of scheduling rooms?

Double Bookings

Ghost Meetings

Stolen Rooms

Requirement Mismatch

Complicated Booking Process

Lack of Equipment

Interrupted Meetings

Room-by-room Search

Administrative Costs

Room Squatting

Online Booking System

Click to book through a user-friendly platform

Switch from outdated manual booking to an intuitive online interface.

Without walking around from room to room, see all the bookings in a bird’s eye view, whether for the moment or the future.

Filter by location, seating capacity, and amenities to find an available room that best suits your schedule and needs.

Simply click the time slot to make a reservation. Add attendees for your meeting and they will be notified by email.

Room Display

Tap to book on the spot with increased visibility

Status at a glance

Looking for a place to meet? With room displays mounted outside meeting space, you can instantly tell the real-time room availability from distinguishable 3-colored LED indicators even from a distance.

For walk-up reservations

In case of an impromptu team huddle, just tap to start the meeting. People outside can clearly see when the current meeting will end and when the room is available on the display, avoiding overlapping bookings and interrupted meetings.

3rd-party Integration

Book rooms from calendar systems & Microsoft Teams

Yeastar Workplace works with Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Teams to provide a single point of entry for meeting events and room bookings. Instead of switching back & forth, you can create events, search for rooms, and make a reservation in seconds in one place.

Add Yeastar Workplace to Microsoft Teams as a Tab

Room details and seating capacity are all listed

Create Teams meeting links upon room booking

Meeting schedules & changes are synced both ways

Supporting single sign-on for secure authentication

Smart Sensor

Realize smart room utilization

Yeastar Workplace also comes with smart sensors to help you maximize meeting space resources with accurate, real-time occupancy and people counting data.

People counting & occupancy detection

The people counting sensor features a detection area of up to 48 m2 and 95% accuracy based on advanced AI identification and analysis technology. People counting & occupancy data is synced to the online booking platform and room displays in real-time.

Auto-release vacant rooms

Say goodbye to no-shows and ghost meetings! With people counting sensors continuously detecting if a room is taken or not, booked yet abandoned and early-ended meetings will be automatically freed up for others to use.

Workplace Analytics

Spot opportunities to optimize your meeting space

Gain actionable insights on how your meeting space is used. Make data-driven decisions about the number, capacity, layout of meeting rooms. Quickly respond to changes in headcount and predict future demands.

Track and measure essential space usage metrics and trends:

  • Total meetings
  • Recaptured hours
  • Room utilization rate
  • Meeting density
  • Meeting type
  • And more

  • It shouldn’t be difficult to book the right space. Let us help!

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