Education solves tomorrow’s problems, today.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

The world is now digital and relies heavily on using the right technology at the right time. Educators are finding new ways of teaching and delivering learning content and students are adapting to learning outside of a traditional classroom environment. And it’s here that the right technology plays a vital role in ensuring that education solves tomorrow’s problems, today.

As our schools open up, more students find themselves back in the classroom. At universities, they’re offering a combination of on-campus and online lectures. But the lessons of the past two years have been learnt and educational institutions need to be able to pivot easily between in-person and online quickly and seamlessly.

Time to reinvent the classroom

Education solves tomorrows problems

The learning landscape and classroom has changed. A classroom is no longer just a physical space but an environment where learning happens.  Flexible technology puts the focus on educators and their students, allowing them to access their learning content easily and seamlessly. Scalable video, audio and content-sharing solutions deliver a hybrid learning model for in-person and remote attendees. Educators can also record or livestream their lessons and incorporate them with interactive content. Now teachers can teach and learners can learn anytime. Anywhere.

Student Solutions

Education solves tomorrows problems

Did you know that 84% of students list better access to learning materials – assignments and pre-recorded or live lectures – as the most essential element in their learning experience? Our affordable products are designed to connect students to this content quickly and efficiently. Compact, high-quality webcams and lightweight, comfortable headsets which ‘plug-n-play’ make the learning experience so much easier and a lot more accessible.

Teacher and administration staff solutions

Tech solutions for the classroom

The last thing educators and administrators want is more work. Our intuitive and intelligent audio, video and content-sharing solutions are designed to seamlessly take care of the technology and let them focus on the job at hand. 

Teachers aren’t tied to their chairs in front of laptops as video bars with intuitive tracking allow them to move around without losing focus and cutting-edge noise-blocking tech ensure that students hear every word. 

School administrators need tools to support effective communications for board meetings, status updates, teacher evaluations and day-to-day business. They need audio and video solutions that can keep pace with their responsibilities and just work when they’re supposed to. And because all these solutions are easy to implement and use, it lessens the burden on IT support.

Make the right choice

Make sure your technology solution is fit for purpose. Remember, the right technology at the right time. And because they work with platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom etc, there are no frustrating connection issues. 

Poly pride themselves on classroom solutions that empower educators to deliver exceptional learning experiences.

Jabra engineers world-leading devices that are designed to make learning accessible everywhere.

Konftel video kits enable your classrooms for distance learning.

The Hisense Interactive Digital Board encourages interactive communication, its technology facilitates learning as well as information sharing.

Education meets the metaverse

The technology that enables hybrid learning and digital classrooms is just the first step into the future of education. This policy brief by Brookings demonstrates how technology can fully enhance the educational experience. Students are already digital natives. Technology and digital applications are natural extensions of how they learn, socialise and trade. How educational institutions prepare themselves for this immersive educational future is important. Imagine the possibilities!

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