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In 1976 when Captain James T. Kirk uttered the famous words, “Beam me up Scotty,” it introduced a generation to the wonders of technology. In 2020 however the lament, “OK, can everyone see my screen?” echoes through the digital universe with a little less impact.  

We’ve all witnessed the perils of our new virtual and online world. While many extol the virtues of our remote and hybrid lives, what it really comes down to is that technology must just work when we need it to. No complicated IT work-arounds, no knotted forest of cables stretching across the desk and floor and no laborious set-up that intimidates the bravest of us.

So when Frost & Sullivan awards their Best Practices Award to Konftel for ‘best video-capable conference product’, it might be time to breathe a sigh of relief that the days of “Can you hear me?” could soon be behind us. 

“Considering the generous specifications and sturdy build quality, Frost & Sullivan believes the Konftel C50800 Hybrid audio-video bundle offers the best value for money in the marketplace at the moment,” says Alexander Michael, Senior Director of Consulting, Information & Communications Technologies at Frost & Sullivan.

Frost & Sullivan praised Konftel’s technology and engineering-driven approach that paid equal attention to end-user design. The result is a product that is intuitive, easy on the eye and certified for 16 leading communications platforms, more than any of its competitors.

“Developing products is always a creative process that involves things other than technology. Our cooperation with Umeå Institute of Design is an example of that. We work with young designers in order to gain an insight into how future generations view teamwork and conferencing from a distance. I think it is important to keep an open mind and collect impressions from many areas. Today’s young students are the users of tomorrow. Cooperation has been, and will always be, an important part of our strategy,” Peter Renkel, CEO of Konftel, asserts.

Not one to rest on their laurels, Konftel has extended their solutions to the critical areas of Education and Telemedicine. One might argue that stability and clarity of audio and video in these environments is paramount. And it is here that Konftel is enjoying growing demand.

Their education solution can be used for students at home, small classrooms and regular classrooms. It works seamlessly with Google Meet, Zoom, Hangout, Teams and others and requires the connection of a single USB cable to a laptop to connect to audio, video and screen. It’s that easy to get the class started.

The importance of clear communication in the telemedicine environment is where the term ‘life-and-death’ isn’t an exaggeration. Crystal clear sound, pin-sharp images and a fuss-free single USB connection mean that telehealth, healthcare and emergency response practitioners can focus on what really matters rather than the tech that enables it.

As recognised experts in sound, and now focusing on video with equal adeptness and excellence, Peter Renkel promises that “At Konftel we are constantly looking to the future.”

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Konftel is a leading company within collaboration endpoint solutions. Since 1988, our mission has been to help people around the world to conduct meetings, regardless of distance. Based on our success, we know that remote collaboration is a smooth way to save time, money and at the same time contribute to a more sustainable world. Crystal clear audio and a sharp video image are essential for efficient meetings, which is why we only focus on cutting-edge technology in our Collaboration Solutions. Our OmniSound audio technology is built into all Konftel Conference phones and devices. The products are sold globally under the Konftel brand and our headquarters are based in Sweden. Read more about the company and our products at

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