Happiness for More Meaningful Hybrid Work Connections

The HP and Poly Guide to Boosting Employee Happiness for More Meaningful Hybrid Work Connections

While working from home has proved to be a win for personal convenience and focus, the office remains where meaningful connections and team collaboration thrive. With a growing number of people back in the office, seamlessly transitioning between locations is more important than ever. In fact, according to the HP Work Relationship Index, today’s knowledge workers want a say in the technology and tools their employer provides – and want that technology to work together seamlessly.

CEOs want employees back in the office, but employees want to know their company is investing in technology that enables them to collaborate meaningfully, whether they’re back in the office full-time, part-time, or working remotely. That’s true meeting equity – when everyone in a meeting, regardless of location, can be seen and heard equally.

With our acquisition of Poly, I’m excited that HP now has the broadest set of devices and solutions for employees, all under one roof. We are delivering world-class solutions that are truly transforming collaboration experiences in meeting rooms of all sizes, providing equitable conferencing experiences for our customers in any location.

Delivering More Intuitive Room Solutions

Today, we’re expanding our Poly conferencing innovations to large rooms and huddle rooms with our high-performing cameras and powerful computing.

The Poly Studio Bundle is purpose-built for the Zoom Rooms intelligent director feature,[1] enhancing hybrid interactions by strategically applying AI technology to create a more inclusive and equitable virtual collaboration experience. This bundled solution makes it easy to purchase and deploy without assembling components from multiple vendors. This bundle is expected to be available in November.

The Poly Studio R30+ Bundle overcomes the challenges of bringing your own notebook for flexible meetings in smaller rooms. Instead of connecting multiple cables to your laptop for a complete experience, connect using a single USB-C cable for innovative audio and video collaboration experiences shown on the display in the room, using any video app on your laptop. This bundle is expected to be available early next year.

Creating Better Together Experiences

Our Poly headsets empower people to be productive and collaborate from anywhere. Through the power of HP and Poly, we are creating seamless experiences like enabling a Poly Bluetooth® headset to connect wirelessly to an HP PC while maintaining exceptional call quality. For IT, this means less equipment to support and manage.

Bluetooth® Direct from Poly will make hybrid work easier, supporting fast and simple pairing, in-call experiences, management, and analytics without requiring a Bluetooth® adapter. This experience is expected to be available in late Spring 2024.

Leveraging AI-Driven Innovations for Best Face Forward Experience

The Poly Video OS provides a unified experience across video conferencing devices for any size room, running apps from partners such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google for a feature-rich native experience. The software experience allows you to see participants and their facial expressions more clearly by showing all participants up close or focusing specifically on the active speaker, delivering a far better experience for remote participants. Here are a couple of existing innovative features:

  • Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology offers automated camera framing modes like group, speaker, and people framing to provide the most equitable experience for hybrid meetings.
  • Poly DirectorAI Perimeter technology ensures precise participant framing, especially in glass-walled meeting rooms. IT administrators can input room dimensions, allowing AI-powered technology to define parameters accurately and prevent capturing faces beyond glass walls or windows.

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The rise of remote and hybrid work has created huge demand for solutions that make new ways of collaboration and co-creation possible. The combination of Poly and HP will pave the way for us to create the hybrid work experiences of the future.

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