Konftel starts selling climate neutral all-in-one product for effective video conferencing

Konftel, a global leader in products for effective distance meetings, is ready to begin deliveries of its new collaboration camera, the Konftel CC200. With it you can set up a screen for video conferencing in a matter of minutes, with a minimum of cables and without the user having to bring their laptop. What’s more, the Konftel CC200 is entirely climate neutral thanks to Konftel’s new certification.

The Konftel CC200 is the first model in the company’s new product category Collaboration Cameras – an all-in-one device for video conferencing, with integral video codec, camera and microphones. For sound, you can simply use the screen’s own speakers. And if they aren’t quite enough, a suitable model from Konftel’s range of speakerphones can be connected up, wirelessly or via USB.

A major advantage of the concept is that the dedicated video conferencing device is not reliant on a PC as the video platform. This minimizes the potential sources of error and assures the user of sharp video and stable audio every time.

“There was considerable interest in a fully independent conference cam solution even before the pandemic, and now the pent-up demand is huge,” says Tommy Edlund, Global Sales Director at Konftel. “Having quickly become the new normal, video conferences need to be simple to get started, which is why collaboration cameras are such a superb option with their all-in-one functionality.”

Matching companies’ priorities

What companies and organizations value most when investing in collaboration solutions is reliability, closely followed by security and ease of use. The Konftel CC200 checks off these priorities one after the other. 

The dedicated hardware ensures both reliability and predictability. The collaboration camera supports all the security mechanisms that major corporations expect. And it is easy to use, taking a single click in the calendar to join a video conference, for example.

The Konftel CC200 supports SIP and H.323, and works with all standard-based video systems, equipment and video conferencing services. It can also be unlocked by an administrator for the installation of Android apps that are of value to the meeting participants.

Climate Neutral certified product

The Konftel CC200 is extremely flexible and takes up minimal space. It can easily be fitted to the top of a screen, making it equally good for home offices and meeting rooms of various sizes.

“It’s also packed with smart features, such as wireless content sharing from a PC or mobile phone to the conference cam and on to the meeting participants. Other examples include recording of everything you see and hear in the video conference, not to mention whiteboarding,” says Torbjörn Karlsson, Product Manager at Konftel.

The new collaboration camera is covered by Konftel’s certification as a climate neutral company and is thus labeled as Climate Neutral Certified. This means that customers who choose a Konftel CC200 start with a carbon footprint of zero when replacing business trips with video conferencing. Find out more about Konftel’s commitments here.

Product specifications Konftel CC200:

  • Camera with 4K sensor and video resolution of 1080p@30.
  • No computer required to function.
  • Supports SIP/H.323 and so works with all standard-based video systems and video conferencing services.
  • Two channels mean the camera can remain in use while sharing content at the same time.
  • 102° camera angle and 5x digital zoom.
  • Four built-in microphones and active sound optimization through Konftel’s OmniSound functions, easy to add a speakerphone.
  • Flexible user interface – remote control, touchscreen, Bluetooth keyboard/mouse and  web interface.
  • Wi-Fi Display means you can share content wirelessly with all the meeting participants – sending it from your laptop or mobile phone to the Konftel CC200. Can also connect with optional cable solution. 
  • Record the meeting for storage on a USB memory stick or network device.

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About Konftel

Konftel is a leading company within collaboration endpoint solutions. Since 1988, our mission has been to help people around the world to conduct meetings, regardless of distance. Based on our success, we know that remote collaboration is a smooth way to save time, money and at the same time contribute to a more sustainable world. Crystal clear audio and a sharp video image are essential for efficient meetings, which is why we only focus on cutting-edge technology in our Collaboration Solutions. Our OmniSound® audio technology is built into all Konftel Conference phones and devices. The products are sold globally under the Konftel brand and our headquarters are based in Sweden. Read more about the company and our products at konftel.com.

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