Video enable your classrooms for distance learning

Konftel video kits is a range of packaged solutions that make video conferencing incredibly easy and offer great value. No matter what collaboration app you are using, Google Meet, Zoom, Hangout, Teams or other – our solutions work with all of them hassle-free. Just connect a single USB cable to your laptop and you are ready to start the lesson. Virtually IT support-free.

Solutions for all sizes that won't break your budget

More than 12 students or bigger classrooms?

If you are looking for solutions that are optimized for bigger spaces we recommend our videokits Konftel C50800 Hybrid and Konftel C50300 Hybrid, that offers a variety of ways to expand both the audio pick-up and sound distribution.

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For product support and warranty-related questions, visit our support pages where you can find user manuals, FAQs, videos, contact information and more.