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Did you know that headphones were birthed in the 1880s, soon after the invention of the telephone, when telephone switchboard operators began to use head apparatuses to mount the telephone receiver to their head with the use of a clamp? But the rise in popularity of headphones really began in 1979 with the introduction of the Walkman where they started to be used in public places such as sidewalks, grocery stores and public transit. Today they’re ubiquitous in offices, in homes and, well, everywhere.

Headphones and headsets aren’t the same though. Headphones let a single user listen to an audio source privately, while headsets are headphones with integrated microphones. These are most prevalent in office and hybrid environments due to their quality, comfort and ease of use.

With the continuing rise of remote and hybrid work and the shift to ‘work from anywhere’, wireless headsets are becoming as necessary as a laptop and mobile phone in order to remain productive. The demand for professional headsets with higher audio bandwidth, enhanced noise cancellation and speech recognition will continue to grow with a projected market size of USD 4.55 billion by 2030.

But what does it mean for you right now?

The key factors driving the market is the rise of hybrid workers which means manufacturers are focusing on creating the best headset experience for their customers. And Poly’s Voyager 4300 UC Series does just that.

This Bluetooth headset gives you up to 50m of wireless freedom with up to 24 hours of talk time, so if you’re the walk-while-you-talk worker, this is perfect for you. It also keeps you connected to all your devices, such as your PC or Mac, smartphone or desk phone. The all-day comfort of the ear pads and dual-mic Acoustic Fence technology, which eliminates background noise, make them the perfect choice if you spend a lot of time in meetings or calls.

The Voyager 4320 is a stereo version which you can use to listen to music or completely block out the noise around you. The Voyager 4310 mono version keeps one ear free so you’re not blindsided by your boss or chatty colleague.  Both have outstanding audio and include Poly’s SoundGuard DIGITAL  for your acoustic protection.

Features Of The Poly Voyager 4300

  1. All in one – wireless and corded

You can use this as a wireless headset or plug in while you work and it charges.

  1. Superior noise cancelling

Callers hear only you, with the flexible noise-canceling boom with dual microphone Acoustic Fence technology.

  1. Worry-free mute

Stay in control of your mute status – with easy-to-access mute button on the microphone boom and dynamic mute alert that tells you if you speak while muted.

  1. Multi-connectivity

Simultaneously connects to PC/Mac and mobile. Also connects to a desk phone via the Voyager Office base accessory which is sold separately.

  1. Portable design

Move easily between home and the office with its fold-flat stereo and monaural designs and travel pouch.

  1. Comfortable fit

Stay comfortable all day with adjustable padded headband and improved memory foam ear cushions.

  1. On-call indicator

Let others around you know when you’re on a call to keep you distraction-free.

  1. Intel® EVO™ featured accessory

Intel® EVO™ Bluetooth accessory compliant, for a simple, reliable and high-quality audio experience direct to an Intel Evo laptop.

The Poly Voyager 4300 UC Series are THE Bluetooth office headset.

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