Poly and Zoom, BFF’s forever

From hiring goats to surprise meeting participants1 to a cat filter that just won’t turn off2, virtual interactions are now a feature of our working lives. And all, if not most, of these online interactions are via Zoom. 

While many relied on bootstrapping audio and video solutions at the beginning of the pandemic when we moved quickly online, what’s needed now are professional and powerful audio and video solutions. While bad audio and bitmapped video might’ve been tolerated a year ago, today’s world demands crystal clear audio and video to drive productivity, communication and performance.

Simply powerful communications

Poly prides itself on delivering audio and video innovations which make Zoom communications feel natural and, most importantly, work effortlessly. No tangled web of cables and mind-numbing tech workarounds to slow you down. From video bars for huddle spaces or large rooms to superior quality headsets and conference phones, Poly leaves nothing to chance. Because their products are purpose-built and certified for Zoom, you’ll be up and running in minutes.

For individuals working remotely, Poly and Zoom connect you to your team so you can get your work done while the technology steps out of the way. Premium headsets ensure your team members can’t hear your toddler chasing the cat around your office, or the neighbour who has decided to fell every tree in his garden with his new chainsaw.

Managing smaller work teams from multiple locations? Poly’s video bars and video conferencing system ensure that no one is left out of the picture with video innovations such as speaker framing and speaker tracking. Small and compact, they deliver a powerful experience. Radically simple, they are easy to set up and feature powerful audio pickup, incredible noise-blocking technology, crystal clear audio and detailed video recording. Add the Poly TC8 controller with its intuitive touch interface and integrated calendar and it’s a touch of a button to launch your Zoom Rooms meeting.

Poly’s desk phones, speakerphones and phone stations for the desktop are all Zoom optimised and certified. Poly’s Calisto Series portable and personal speakerphones bring professional, conference-call audio to your office, regardless of where you are. Bluetooth or with stress-free USB connection, rich, clear sound with 360º audio every call will be elevated to professional grade.


If you’re sold on the benefits of Poly + Zoom but a little hesitant about investing in Poly hardware, we have a solution. As a partner of the new Zoom Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) program, Poly brings you and your teams a reliable and seamless experience that fits every budget. Go big without compromising quality. Enjoy the month-to-month payment flexibility, with no minimum commitment and an extended hardware replacement plan.

With Poly power and Zoom simplicity it’s time to elevate the way you connect, communicate and collaborate. Business is challenging enough, why not let Poly and Zoom deliver the seamless part of your day? With or without the cat filter.


1) Hiring goats to surprise meeting

2) A cat filter that just won’t turn off

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