What is Spatial Sound?

Spatial Sound is a Jabra feature, new for Elite 8 Active and Elite 10, powered by Dolby Audio. It transforms stereo entertainment into a crisp and clear listening experience with added dimensionality. Switch on Spatial Sound on your Jabra Sound+ app and the Dolby technology optimises your audio for the best possible sound experience for your Jabra earbuds.

Dolby Head Tracking

It’s the climactic scene of your favourite movie – helicopters are whooshing overhead, the enemy is approaching, the classic soundtrack starts to swell…It’s only natural to turn your head to keep track of everything happening. So to help you stay in the zone and feel fully immersed, the Dolby Head Tracking feature in Dolby Atmos recalibrate your audio by following your head movements, to ensure you’re always in the centre of the action. It works for your games and songs too, so you can switch your gaze from player to player or dance around your living room and still be perfectly surrounded by sound. When movies and music have been created in Dolby Atmos and supported by your streaming service things get even more immersive. Your compatible Elite 10 earbuds transport you into a world the creator made specifically for you, where the sound comes at you from all directions.

What does Dolby Atmos add to your audio experience?

When you play Dolby Atmos content using your Elite 10 earbuds and a compatible smartphone, you can experience even greater clarity, detail, and depth in your sound. Dolby Atmos expands on existing surround sound technology by adding height into the mix, for an all-encompassing, immersive audio experience. This allows creatives to layer the audio of their films, songs, and games with greater precision – placing sound, matching movements, and perfecting the audio mix to create the feeling of being inside the experience, so you can hear every conversation, sound effect, lyric, and instrument as if it’s right there in the room with you.

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